Hạnh Quảng

From: Dalat, Vietnam

I, most of the time is Me
and this me may mean a whole world (to be my writing topic)
i love reading too, with Wikipedia now my favorite

I am single, and so I believe i am in a lot of love
most of them attend the Club of Dead Poets ;>).

There are craziness that help make the world move, Ballmer,
and it's the sort of beauty i "like". Why?
The Beauty gives us Security and the Craziness gives us Interest
(with whatever "interest" may mean to you) :D

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Microsoft invested in Apple in 1997: 'It might have been the craziest thing we ever did'
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Dunno why, but truth is i'm totally lacking of that great skill (being talkative)
whenever i'm with people. I just so damnfully dunno what to do, act, perform
and feel rightly in that category, so, I'm sorry, friends here or there or where...
And, I believe i'm (much) better with stone-deaf subjects, like books, papers,
pens, my laptop, and even words or names... (like i was born for 'em) :D

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Jasmine Surreal
Jasmine Surreal

Hi, thanks for posting on my page, I relate to animals and they relate better to me, so you're not alone, and of course the non animate things you mention all contain energy, spirit of the person who uses them, or who had used them. I used to feel sorry for crisp bags and paper in the road run over by cars, and talk to a gorgeous toy cat I have.

"... venture further to reap the greatest rewards..."
Yes I Do, Poe! Thanks! :)

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-how can you make something accurate to one who dunno it?
-no way, or you just create two liars, you and that one.

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When you understand something, it must exist
How can one not believe in something that exists?
-because it's inconvenient

What worse is from that some existence must be enhanced or distorted or even disappeared, and the worst is it's done for small convenience that could lead to big disaster.

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Fiona Apps
Fiona Apps

Descartes may disagree with you there. You can create a thought or form from what already exists, and understand it - but what you have created does not necessarily exist independently of your mind.

hich is sad because I want a unicorn.

Hạnh Quảng
Hạnh Quảng

When a thing exists and i believe in that existence (understand or not),
i don't know why anyone disagrees with that (Descartes or not) :)
And, seriously, why a unicorn that makes you sad by any ways related to my belief?

Fiona Apps
Fiona Apps

Not to your belief! Only mine :(

From where a man's vigor, energy, vitality... comes from?
-from within
-what makes of it?
-should be of an Ideal
because desire is mostly to burn
-and leastly?
-to warm up that Ideal, or to lighten the beauty within

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Kids dare to try Anything
especially things that Interest adults
all the more if they are interdicted on trying them.

It's not only curious -
it's also like their rebellious (or heroic) matter being stimulated.

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When i was 14 my dad said to us kids - beware, or you boys will become robbers and you girls will become sluts. That gimme the fear of being among people.
When i was 40 he again said some similar sort of heavy-weight daddy's wisdom: - it's not hard to get knowledge, but it's not that easy to get understanding.
That gimme the fear of being myself.

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8 Wise Quotes From Dads | Reader's Digest
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Hạnh Quảng
Hạnh Quảng

I mean Fear leads to Prudence.

What sort of calamity Poverty brings?
-first is Ignorance that leads to Irresponsibility
-second is Greed that leads to Eating any Shit
-you die of Poison before the third comes
-what on earth is it anyway?
-Richness (Sunny after the Rain)
-how come Richness be a calamity?
-it opens your eyes on how rich things would be
-what is the moral?
-don't make your life a mistake
OK ;>).

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Hạnh Quảng
Hạnh Quảng

We must earn life once it has been awarded us." ~ Ray Bradbury ~

How to avoid Envy?
-don't look for what others have
-find out what you have
-find out what you have but not in good use
The good-use may some day make others envy, how to avoid that?
-let others know they may use theirs too
What if you fail even that?
-that's why God
...why, besides being the beginning he make all ends TOO.

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Hạnh Quảng
Hạnh Quảng

"What is important is not to live in fear." ~ Queen Rania of Jordan ~

The gift of receive, do you know,
is the little sister of the gift of deceive?
Why? Because we should get smarter through time.

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Hạnh Quảng
Hạnh Quảng

"At his best, things do not happen to the artist;
he happens to them." ~ William Saroyan ~

"the only way out is in" ~ Junot Díaz ~

and better be "in" with style, but which?
now, "creativity" is in,
if you want it really be something of yours,
and etc... ;>).

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Hạnh Quảng
Hạnh Quảng

"You have to systematically create confusion, it sets creativity free.
Everything that is contradictory creates life." ~ Salvador Dali ~
(thanks Garth, for both quotes)

~ Still Life ~

Why things are as things are?
Because of Nature
-why Nature is?
-because of God

This is my clean-cut Eden
-why it is?
-because of Me

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Hạnh Quảng
Hạnh Quảng

"[poetry] launches out exclusively in the inner space
and the inner time of ideas and feelings." ~ Hegel ~

a pup seeing me in my lost the other day
he may know the way but dunno how to lead, hehe...

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Next to the world of feeling is that of ideas born from imagination.
To access into it is the job of artists. To make it true is the job of
artists turns angels.
Why, you ever read a word in Genesis that said God make angel?

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1. When a kid is hungry, the Shame first belongs to its parents who made it.
Then the parents may defend that it belongs to the society's failure.
Then, where the society may shift the blame next?
It's Life - c'est La Vie ~
which implies fate, or God (who holds our fates), as far as my reading goes.
In fact, as a matter of fact, it belongs to Sex.

2. when we see a paedophile and we call him mr. paedophile,
is it a judging?
-no, stupid!
it's to teach children (and their parents too) of a complicate noun.

3. I always think having a kid is like having another "you" to care of, to take responsible, etc... and it's like to double an already heavy weight on your shoulder, and maybe on your soul&heart&mind too. If i sound pessimistic with this, i'm sorry... but it's something i know i can't afford to have.
Then in an after thought i believe it's a personal debt we each have to repay to life, and if that's true i'll think of another way to do the responsibility, and... God help me then! ;>).

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********************* (some old writings on FB in 2012)

The King said to Le Petit Prince: "I shall command it. But I shall wait,
according to my science of government, until conditions are favorable."
-And to my science of living, means of survival, Pure Fresh Air is conditioned
for a plant to grow great. Where shall I have it?
-Eden, before Evil come. With one condition needed: God's Help.
"Is it so big a mystery
what god and man and world are?
No! but nobody knows how to solve it
so the mystery hangs on."
*************************************** ~ Goethe ~ (1789)

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Stupidity, like death or sickness, must be there, why?
Because they are results.
There's another sort of result, the great one, so great that it's almost invisible.
But it's not invisible for wise men. They discovered it bit by bit and left all for us to contemplate for our own good use. Use it, and then discover your own good result.

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Hạnh Quảng
Hạnh Quảng

"Time is the substance from which I am made." ~ Jorge Luis Borges ~

Hạnh Quảng
Hạnh Quảng

Jorge, i don't care and mind what universe is. My time is for that same wondering but about Me, what capacities and chances i contain in me and how not to waste them (for tidbit).

Change takes place everywhere, whether you know and make good of it or not.
Better change yourself to a standard that would go along well with... history.
Ah, we learn from history no matter it's good or bad. It's better good, hehe...

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Dai Lanh beach,
on the way from Nha Trang to Qui Nhon (central VN)

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