Caio Oliveira

From: Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Professor at PUC Minas.
My areas of interest are Marketing and Electronic Commerce, Interaction Design, Multimedia Production, Networking and Social Media.

This feels great. A new initiative with a fresh look and a clear mission statement. Hope this blossoms beautifully.

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Jimmy Wales
Jimmy Wales

Thanks for your kind words - nice thing to wake up to on my birthday! :)

Invite a few friends, and ask them to invite a few more.

Hello there! Nice initiative!
I am beginning to use TPO and a first question arose:
Is it possible to add a cause here on TPO?
I guess since one purpose is to give back to causes that are important to us users that bringing specific causes could help promote usage and adoption of the platform.

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Jimmy Wales
Jimmy Wales

It is on the roadmap to be able to add a cause, yes!

Professor Bakchod Khan
Professor Bakchod Khan

WOW . Sir ( Soon to be ? ) Jimmy Wales is replying personally . Awesome ! Mark Zuckerberg is a child. Sir Wales is #TheRealMVP

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