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Barack Obama

From: Washington, D.C., United States

44th President of the United States of America

Hello I am Kibo, from Rwanda, we really care about the good causes!!

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Dear Mr. President,

Thank you for following me. It is an honor. Your speech during the White House Correspondents' Dinner was entertaining and amusing.

Mayumi Amargo

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Yaser  Muhammed
Yaser Muhammed

haahaa ha. I can't stop laughing.

Hi Mr.Obama,
Welcome to TPO ;)

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Hey! Tanks for following. We had high hopes for you for peaceful coexistence of all States, respectful dialogue of cultures, closure of Guantanamo ...
Please tell that the real president continued, okay? ; )

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Thanks For Follow

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Hi barack. Nice to meet you

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Mr. Obama,
You are handsome, rich and powerful.
Imagine a world where a good book like To Kill a Mocking Bird is bought out of the copyright slavery so that everybody could download, publish and translate it to any language.
You can do it.
ThAt's a #cause.

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Cillian  Galvin
Cillian Galvin

you do realize he isn't really Obama right?

Igor Goliney
Igor Goliney

Then why did he follow me?

Hạnh Quảng
Hạnh Quảng

errhehehe... I like you igor (y)

Hey yavrum hey beni takip ediyor

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Evening by my time Mr President, if this is really the true handle of the 44th President of the United States of America. And since I got a follow up from this handle, I will and must confess that I am grateful. It's once in a rare scene I will ever get this, *Proud and Grateful*. :)

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hi barack really? ?

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Alexander  Cardozo
Alexander Cardozo

Jajajaja I don't think so. It seems like he is following everybody and It's known that a president have things more important to do. :)

adam beni followlamış la twitterda yüzümüze bakmaz :D

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Selam president, how was your Kenya trip?

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Thanks for the follow. I guess that means every Republican will now block me.

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Hello Mr. President
Wish everything all right for you and your people there
Best Regards - In God We Trust - Always

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Hạnh Quảng
Hạnh Quảng

and in TPO too, errhehehe... (thanks for adding me, Sir)

Mr. President, since you have followed me, I would appreciate If you would write a reference letter for me, the person who is going to get his Computer Engineering degree in December. At least I had the motivation/courage the ask. Thank you =) ( odds are low, hope isn't lost )

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Marek Lugowski
Marek Lugowski

Ahmet, here is your letter: "I, Barak Obama, 44th President of the United States, followed Mr. Ahmet Oguz on the new social media TPO. May he be well in his studies and life."

Making Personalised medicine a Reality - Technical & logistical challenges,
Data + Steps toward solutions.
– Dear President #Obama, I've read a book of yours in which you talked about your own family experience with cancer. I'm aware that you're a good man who genuinely cares about cancer.
You'll probably never get to read this, but If it was possible I’d like to share the detail with you.
If clearly informed about important obstacles, you could be the man to make a “really big” difference in solving the most expensive issue in cancer and overcoming a barrier to saving Lives & Resources.
Innovation in medicine is too often stifled by seasoned grant grabbers & business people in white lab coats. People skilled at accessing public funding.
Most of today's #Cancers tests (Bio-Markers) are very far from being good, never mind perfect. ideally these test need to be carried out monthly to try gaining useful early information on whether or not a patient is benefiting from an expensive treatment. (excessive pricing often means this does not happen in practice)
Current industry is still free to milk margins on these tests to the max,
There are several new approaches to bio-markers, these focus on capturing detached/circulating tumour cells, RNA or DNA.
Sadly these tests are also to expensive to use in many big trials never mind for most patients.
Sometimes the government needs to step in to get us over hurdles. In cases like this government could help bust virtual monopolies by providing a small but competing model in R&D.
A solution worth focusing on would be a "dedicated government program" to focus on the development of "ultra-low-cost" bio-markers
This would involve some brave steps that may upset Industry players.
>Separating some public R&D funding from current industry models which serve investor returns as opposed to savings.
>Seeking out & funding fresh passionate scientist to develop technologies which would be licensed for production by government - as opposed to having publicly funded cancer products sold on to those with a poor tract record in delivering anything at a fair price.
The same approach could benefit other big expensive medical challenges too.
Data & references
Cancer blind treatment approaches - Biomarkers (Cancer Tests): Can We Turn Recent Failures into Success?…jq306.full
Evaluation of cancer biomarkers: clinical and computational
Includes table with predictive values (PPV & NPV)
Why there’s more to "genetics" than mapping your genes
Epigenetics "an introduction"
Personalized Cancer Care: Where it Stands Today

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Başkan gerçekten sen misin? Yoksa sahte profil hesabımı açmışlar. Anlayamadım. Eğer gerçekten sen isen hem o kadar iş hemde teknolojiyi bu kadar yakından takip etmen sevindirici. Helal olsun sana hızlı adam!

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Hi killer!

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ali rehman
ali rehman

This is a place for positivity!

Adam Obamanın hesabını açmış ufku çok geniş

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