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Without your support, we couldn’t give to so many amazing causes. So if you want to make a huge difference take a look at the opportunities below.

OpenCorporates is looking for someone from MALDIVES to volunteer some time to help them understand a filing? Please let them/me know if you know someone.

OpenCorporates :: The Open Database Of The Corporate World
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Chayn, a charity helping women protect themselves from violence & oppression, is opening up in Italy soon and they need more volunteers. Lots of different types of positions available.

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Chayn | Join Us
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Social Media Experts, Community Managers Wanted (Volunteer Positions)

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[Positions currently open for Hurricane Joaquin as emerging need, and for other GlobalCommit projects for sustaining support.]

I've been doing Social Media Emergency Management (SMEM) since Hurricane Sandy (2012), and web-based crisis monitoring and documentation as a Wikipedian since the Somalia Civil War (c. 2005-2008). After Sandy, I've aided via social media response for two typhoons in the Philippines, and the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa among other initiatives. I've also founded groups to monitor, ameliorate and respond to domestic incivility and international violent extremism (Civility Movement and CoexistSTANCE).

Sandy taught me that there is no way to support a disaster affecting millions single-handedly. Even after narrowing my scope down to a community of "only 100,000" or so on the Rockaways peninsula of New York City, there was an incredible need to be filled. Now, take that kind of disaster, and make it months-long, and spanning across whole nations of Africa. Ebola was even more devastating to track and manage.

Civility Movement and CoexistSTANCE taught me that, no matter how good your intentions may start out, there are bad apples, spammers, scammers, charlatans and truly bad actors, dangerous people, who may insert themselves into your work as a good samaritan. You have to actively manage your community, or those bad actors can and will ruin it for others.

I will not ever be shy to ask for assistance. Nor will I be shy to warn off those who are not really prepared to shoulder the burdens necessary for the job, or are just, by circumstance, motive or temperament, not best suited to the tasks.

As you consider whether you wish to volunteer to help with Hurricane Joaquin, the first thing I will advise you: It's not an easy thing to face and ride out a natural disaster or health emergency, even via social media. Secondly, "there's plenty of disaster to go around for everyone."


Information Absorption and Distribution - Prolonged usage of a computer and/or mobile phone. You will do a lot of typing, and you will do a lot of reading. Capacity to understand a myriad of disaster-related domains, from scientific (severe weather, flooding, mold and other hazards), to economic information (household, local or regional even national impacts), organizational (communicating a matrix of non-profit, private, government and community organizations and their needs and offers), to disaster response policy, procedure, even appropriate legal and political issues. Broad exposure to social media channels (Facebook + Twitter at minimum), web content management (WordPress, Wikis) and social media platforms (Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, HubSpot).

Community Relations - Capacity to empathize, understand and interpret issues often involving partial, incomplete or even incorrect information, respond with emotional stability and logic, and prioritize and respond to needs and requests for assistance, all while maintaining oneself with integrity. Capacity to properly intake information, screen for validity, and route issues to proper responders. When dealing with the public, you may be roughly spoken to, accused of all sorts of things beyond your imagining, or be used as a person to vent frustrations which are clearly directed to a 3rd party. You must keep a civil demeanor and a level head under these circumstances.

Humility and Perspective - We are not 911 emergency services. We are not first responders. We are not de jure emergency management professionals, authorized by any municipal, county, state or federal agency. We are gap-fillers. We are the sand between the boulders. We are the "interstitial tissue" delicately knitting and stitching together again that which as been so horrifically torn apart. We can ask to be let into the disaster response matrix (such as Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster — VOAD), and we can work with community partners. But defer to the powers-that-be when and where appropriate, or call them to task with a positive, progressive attitude, with civility and politeness, when you feel they can be doing something better.

Preferences (Nice to Haves)

Professional Skills/Credentials - Are you a medical doctor? A lawyer? An EMT? An electrician, plumber, contractor, architect or structural engineer? Are you a mass media or social media professional? Can you cook for a lot of people? There are a myriad of professional skills that are often required in the aftermath of a hurricane. Let us know what you can do!

Geographical Proximity - It is beneficial, but not necessary, to actually be in the disaster area. Being in the area may allow better personal credibility with other "boots on the ground" organizations. It may also permit getting face-to-face responses from residents, other organizations, make on-the-spot videos, etc. However, GlobalCommit does not REQUIRE person to be operating in a hazardous disaster area to provide Social Media response. If not directly present, we can establish contact with others on-the-ground.

Video/Audio/Photo/Graphics/Animation - If you have skills in producing content, we can put those skills to use. We can create podcasts, photo/video reports, memes, and other graphical ways to communicate disaster response and recovery information.

Programming/Database/Applications - If you have technical skills in creating tools and services for computer or mobile platforms, tell us what they are, and we might be able to create a project around your technical strengths.

Response Expectations

Daily Activity - "Show up." You are a volunteer, so you are free to come or go as you wish, but while you are committed, and while the project is in an active state (both during the disaster/emergency, and up to a full month afterwards), it would be best if you undertake activity every day. Set your own pace and your own schedule, but participate and meet your commitments to the team. You will likely at first need to put in more than an hour a day. You might find you even need to put in more than 8 hours a day.

Maintain Personal-Life Balance - As a volunteer, gauge your own capacity to manage a balance of volunteering and personal/professional responsibilities. If you need to check out, just let the team and your program coordinator know. We'd rather you check out for a while than burn out hard.

Privacy and Confidentiality - As a volunteer, you may come to learn a heck of a lot about your fellow volunteers, community members, and even rub elbows with professionals and politicians. You may be told private or confidential information. If you were told something in confidence, keep it in confidence. If we have a back-channel for administrators, check before you post information you see there publicly.

Responsibility and Credibility - Consider that you have an almost priestly duty to the community you are serving. Personally, I will never forget when I posted the name of someone who died during Hurricane Sandy, and one Facebook community member said, "That's my uncle." That was how she learned about the death of a relative. That was a gut-check. I also remember how, during the Ebola scare in the U.S., I had to call a foreign country to find out the status of health of someone aboard a cruise ship. No, they did not have Ebola. That allowed us to put a lot of panicked rumors to rest during the height of "Ebolanoia." It is your job to seek the truth, clamp down on rumor, hearsay, and falsehood, and maintain the integrity of the group, and your own personal reputation. If you ever have doubts, check with your team members, group leaders, or, if need be, call the appropriate source, whether that's an agency head or elected official.

If you have any interests, concerns, suggestions, or ideas, please post your name below, or privately message Peter Corless (https://www.facebook.com/GarethBeaumains), email petercorless@mac.com, or call 650-906-3134.

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Peter Corless
Peter Corless

Also, if there are any philanthropists reading this, if you want to underwrite us to take some volunteer positions and make them paid staff positions,
we'd be extremely grateful. GlobalCommit.org is a fiscally-sponsored program of LAHAF, Inc., a New York-based 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Photographers & Digital Artists needed! Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep is a volunteer service providing pictures of stillborn children with their parents so that they can be remembered as loved sons and daughters.

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General Volunteer Information - Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
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Hello People, I am a consultant and I am currently in Kampala, Uganda for a project. Please let me know if you have any contacts here and they require some support. It can be anything that helps make a better living for people. Teaching, Helping orphans etc. etc. Any work is fine. I will be more than happy to help :)

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Best place to find internships, scholarships and cool travel tools. The Austrian Center for Lifelong Learning might be just starting, but we are planning some very cool projects, given our new headquarters in Vienna, Austria. So, stay tuned to our page

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The non-profit that I work for is in need of a Webmaster for our website and a Social Media Marketer for our Social Media Pages. These are volunteer positions. Interested? E-mail me your resume to: mmase@behcets.com I look forward to hearing from you.

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Jeff Peters
Jeff Peters

Awesome. Thanks for sharing this here Mary!

Leading a Non-Profit Organization to providing a quality platform for young professionals to develop in enhancing their skills and perform with global competence. :)
If interested; you may take a look: www.ypab.webs.com

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Fancy working at TPO and helping to make a difference and raise billions for amazing causes? How does "The new Head of Community" sound? Take a look, if you think you've got what it takes - get in touch: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs2/view/60247400

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It's volunteers week and a great time (as if there's a bad time) to celebrate labours of love and volunteering efforts #volunteersweek

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Any one can volunteer no matter what their skill set. I know the Red Cross could do with an extra pair of hands! http://www.redcross.org.uk/en/Get-involved/Volunteer

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robito chatwin
robito chatwin

thats a really cool idea! will definitely take a look!

just wondering if there are any vacancies in the London branch as when I call it keeps going to the overflow team would love to lend a hand to a great network!!!

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Yasmin A
Yasmin A

Hi Charles. Thanks for your post! Please email us at marketing@tpouk.com with some more details and I will make sure to pass them on to the relevant team. Thanks :)

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TPO | Mobile Phone Network Provider | Choose Mobile SIM Cards from TPO

just wondering if there are any vacancies in the London branch as when I call it keeps going to the overflow team would love to lend a hand to a great network!!!

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If you want to keep in touch with your local community and would like to volunteer close to home. Check out this site:

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Do-it - Be More
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Anyone in North London looking for volunteering positions should drop me a line. We work with two lovely community centres who could certainly use the extra hands!

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