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"Learning is not watching a video, learning is taking action and seeing what happens." ~ Seth Godin

I always love to be in workplace which is learning organization. From now, we have extended our learning areas and capacity development. Today the session was on business email etiquette and presentation making. It was fun to conduct! :)
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Hello everyone!
I am back again... ... Through inspiring career we can develop and share our thoughts about career related issue. What you are waiting then??

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One of my article about 'Office Etiquette'. What do you think about this? Please share feedback. :)
Thank you all.
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Details: www.linkedin…tarif-khan

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All About Office Etiquette
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To reach each goal of your career, you must have certain set of skills for achieving certain level. No matter what profession you belong, you must develop your skills to perform as dynamic global employee. As youth of any country is the biggest asset, so we need to develop them as skilled to meet the world with global competence. Hearing from experienced professionals can motivate and develop your vision as well as make you enthusiastic to gain such qualities. Do connect with same fraternity people to learn more about practical field. Undoubtedly; sharing is the best process to know more n more. What do you think? Would love to hear your thoughts.
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WOW! I got the group as shared the idea!! Thanks team #TPO!

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