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Hey folks - here's a new podcast I launched in the Twin Cities where I explore fascinating people. Enjoy! http://twincitiespodcast.com/

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Hey everyone I was just invited to share my podcast in here it is called Fundamental Escape, hope you enjoy http://strangehuman.com/tag/fundamental-escape/

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The Fundamental Escape
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Do you like shark tank / dragons den? A friend of mine recently started a new podcast where startups pitch venture capitalists for investment. Check it out!


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The Pitch | New Startup Pitches
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One of the podcasts I regularly listen to is the Tim Ferris podcast. I listened to the Rick Ruben interview recently and found it really inspiring. The whole interview was conducted in a sauna:


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Rick Rubin on Cultivating World-Class Artists (Jay Z, Johnny Cash, etc.), Losing 100+ Pounds, and Breaking Down The Complex
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Jeff Peters
Jeff Peters

I've never listened to Tim's podcast, but it often comes up. I definitely have to give it a listen. And I'm definitely interested in hearing what Rick Rubin has to say.