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Save the Children - The refugee crisis appeal

Save the Children US - Refugee children are frightened, homeless and many have witnessed unspeakable horrors. You can help them. Our teams are working across Europe and in the countries they are fleeing to provide aid and support. Help us reach more refugee children. Pledge your support today and TPO will match all donations up to $5,000 through October 12 made through TPO (click the Donate button below). (Photos courtesy of Save the Children)


The number of children and families leaving their homes continues to grow, and children in the #refugeecrisis still need your help. Your donation helps us provide items like clothes, hygiene kits, food, and medical support to desperate children across Europe and other locations where refugees are on the move. Please help now!

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Ellen Gerstein
Ellen Gerstein

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You can make a difference today for one of the thousands of children caught in the ‪#‎refugeecrisis‬. Pledge your support today and TPO will match all donations up to $5,000 through October 5. The children in this crisis can’t wait—please help now.

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Children and families are fleeing and embarking on perilous journeys out of fear for their lives. Many hope for the chance of a better life and the opportunity for asylum-- but while on the move, they are extremely vulnerable. Hundreds of thousands of people have attempted to reach Europe by sea so far in 2015, resulting in the largest number of refugee children since World War II.

Help us protect the lives and futures of the children by providing lifesaving aid to these vulnerable children. Please support this appeal today!

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